about UVCC

US-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (UVCC) was incorporated in the State of California as a not-for-profit, volunteered trade association.

UVCC is a member of the Federation of International Trade Associations (www.fita.org).

UVCC promotes the interests of U.S. small and mediumsized companies in the emerging market of Vietnam by providing its members with professional assistance in:

Getting informed about business opportunities in Vietnam.

Communicating effectively with their prospective partners or clients via Vietnamese mass and trade media, as well as direct communications.

Participating in programs of civic, social, educational and cultural nature to enrich understanding of the Vietnamese market.

UVCC does not receive any funding from any private nor public sources, except the contribution of its members. All of the Members of the Board of Directors, including members of the Executive Committee, are working voluntarily to achieve the Chamber's objectives.

US-Vietnam Chamber of Commerce Brochure (pdf)